The University of Texas
Austin, TX
Fall 2012 - Spring 2016
B.S.A in Computer Science
Relevant Coursework: Software Engineering, Data Management, Info Retrieval and Web Search
Work Experience
Austin, TX
April 2017 - August 2018
Front-end Engineer
Collaborated closely with a team of 10 engineers to build and maintain a video streaming platform
Led development of greenfield project "Communities" to build a more inclusive environment for streamers
Used React and Flux to develop and enhance the UX/UI for an isomorphic web app, focusing on a realtime chat component, helpful style guide, and GDPR compliance
The World's Coffee
Austin, TX
November 2016 - January 2017
Freelance Software Engineer
Built and deployed early-stage coffee bean storefront in 2 months, including an inventory management system
Used React and Redux to build out the client and admin sites, Express for the API, and Stripe's API for payments
San Francisco, CA
June 2015-August 2015
Software Engineer Intern
Worked on the drag n' drop team to build a more secure and responsive website creator using PHP and Backbone.js
Migrated the editor to an iframe to prevent code injection, focusing personally on inter-window communication
Express, GraphQL, React, Google Maps API
July 2019
A simple app for creating and sharing "playlists" of places, using Google's Places API for location data
Server authenticates with Facebook credentials and uses Apollo to provide a GraphQL interface for client
React, D3
June 2019
A circular 8-part drum machine that outputs MIDI note/velocity in addition to playing samples through Web Audio
Built to test capabilities of @react-midi, can receive as well as send MIDI clock and transport messages
April 2019
A library of hooks and components for working with MIDI in React, used for communicating with music devices
Encourages a more tactile web experience by making it easy to accept input from knobs, sliders, and buttons
Daily Journal
React, Redux, Local Storage
March 2019
A journal for keeping short summaries of day's activities used for personal reflection
Implements drag n' drop for organization and a Github inspired contribution calendar for motivation/navigation
Technical Skills
JavaScript, Python, React, Express, ES6, GraphQL, MongoDB, D3, Sass, GIS, Git, HTML5/CSS3